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Candle Making

Even if you don't know anything about candle making, these examples can be a good introduction to Factory Superstar as there are not a lot of components involved.

Example 1 - Basic Candle

Just wax and a wick. Not a very practical example, but good so you understand the basics.

Example 2 - Configurable Candle

In this example, the end result is a candle where you enter the length and diameter and the system calculates the amount of wax required, as well as the length of wick and volume of fragrance. It checks that you have the calculated amounts in the inventory, and tells your production team what they need to make.

Formulas used: wax weight (in kg): (3.14*(diameter/2)*(diameter/2)*length*0.86)/1000

wick length (in cm): length+1

fragrance volume (in ml): (3.14*(diameter/2)*(diameter/2)*length*0.001)

Example 3 - Packaged Candles

This is a basic example that uses the definition made in Candle Making Example 2 and packages it in a cardboard box.