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Company Settings


You can only view settings if you are the Factory Superstar Administrator for your organisation.

Click on your username at the top right of the screen, and click 'Settings'.

Have a read through these and adjust where necessary.

If you upload your company logo you can have it automatically add to shipping labels (good for branding, but not required).

Contact Details

These details will be used on invoices/etc. This address will be used as the return address for shipping labels, provided that no alternate address has been selected in 'Sales Channels'.


You need to tell Factory Superstar how much tax (also known as VAT) applies in your country / state. Factory Superstar will include or exclude tax as appropriate when calculating costs.

You also need to tell Factory Superstar if the value you input for any Sales Order contains tax or not. (Say someone buys $1200 worth of your products. If this $1200 includes tax tick the box).


The currency symbol you use.


You need to define the units you use for weight, length, and volume.

When Factory Superstar tells your production team what to make, it will tell them using these units.


If you select one unit at the start and then later change to another unit, Factory Superstar won't do any unit conversion (we don't want to mess up any relationships you've defined). So it's best to put some thought into what units you use at the start.

Manifest Units

Let's say you make candles, or some other small item like that. You'll maybe choose millimetres, grams, and millimetres as your units. But when you dispatch your components you do so in bulk and you don't want to measure large packages in millimetres and grams. So select the units to be used on shipping manifests here.

Factory Superstar will automatically convert from your usual units to your manifest units when required, so if you choose the wrong units now you can change it later no problem.

Colour Coding

Factory Superstar uses colour coding so you can see at a glance what needs to be done, and how urgently.

Sales and production orders are colour coded to quickly show how urgent they are.

Colour Coding

When you first open a Factory Superstar account, the colour coding is:

  • Due in less than 7 days = red
  • Due between 7-14 days = yellow
  • Due in more than 14 days = green

We realise that every company offers different lead times, so you can change these to whatever you want.